Slouchy Solymar Successfully Settled*

* that was the only “s” word  (for “finished”) that threw out to keep the alliteration going!

Its really a cute hat.
It's really a cute hat.

I ended up increasing to 96 st and did about an inch of 2×2 rib at the end.  I knit one round, then cast off purlwise for a nice edge.  I will have to get the big fella to take a photo so you can see the proper draping of the poofy back of the head part.

front view
front view

There’s a couple more photos on Flickr and also on my Ravelry project page.  I will make more of these.  The Malabrigo was a good choice – so nice and soft and just the right amount of softness for the design.

Yesterday I made ham and Dauphinoise Potatoes (another hit!) and I had baked a sour cream chocolate cake (and this time found a better ganache recipe here than the one I used last time). I also made some roasted carrots that the big fella likes.

I have knit one arm warmer (just have the thumb to do) and will start on the second.  That Cashmere Island is such a nice yarn.  Great colours and pretty soft.  I know my sister’s wrist warmers really softened up after a little bath.

Tomorrow night the big fella and I are going with another couple to another ball.  This one is a police and firefighter’s ball, informally known as the “guns ‘n hoses” ball.  Heh.


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