Dear Patons, I’m sorry

I’m sorry I turned my nose up at and disrespected you. I tended to think of you as a down-market, not-so-trendy publisher of patterns.  I’m sorry!  Look:

cute little pattern books
cute little pattern books

Sure, it’s a “learn to” book, but it still has some cute projects and sweater patterns in it.

I was browsing the rav the other day looking for project ideas for that Cascade 220 I’d recently got.  I was thinking something cabled.  I kept seeing a lot of cute projects that were from various Patons pattern books.  When we were out and about on Saturday, I stopped by our (dubious) LYS and picked up a few.  The booklets really are value for money – $3.95 each and on average 7 to 10 patterns per booklet.  Even if you only made one project from each, it’s a lot less expensive than some online patterns that go for $5 to $10 each.

#864 Fall in Love
#864 "Fall in Love"

Ande had bought this booklet when she was visiting us in October.  I flipped through it, then a month or so later went back and bought a copy for myself.  I like that sweater/cape thing on the cover, as well as the A-Line Swing Jacket (with some tweaks and mods).

#846 Cables
#846 "Cables"

There’s a really cute cable yoked sweater in this booklet, as well as the cover sweater, some hats and mittens, too.

#858, SWS Sacs and Sweaters
#858, "SWS Sacs and Sweaters"

I like that cover sweater and the idea of the “Natural Shaped Cardigan” though I would likely mod it beyond belief.

I like that they have an index photo inside that shows all the projects.  Just like any published pattern, you have to check for errata, read through the pattern to make sure it makes sense, and be a thinking knitter and not a blind follower.  I’m quite pleasantly surprised and planning some new projects with these booklets.

Also coming to me from Elann:

#851 Snow Country
#851 "Snow Country"

– and –

#850, Big Chill
#850, "Big Chill"

I quite like the “Classic Ribs and Snowflakes” sweater in that one.  (It’s lime green – how could I NOT!)

So we decided to go for a little drive yesterday, out to the river forks about 45 km east of here. I hadn’t been out there since I was a little kid, and the big fella had never been. It was a lovely sunny day and the poopers hadn’t been for a car ride for a while.

There is a little picnic area up top, then a trail that winds through the forest down to the river bank.  The view from the top:

This will be much prettier once there is some foliage on the trees.
This will be much prettier once there is some foliage on the trees.

That section of river there is the newly formed Saskatchewan River.  The North Saskatchewan River comes in from the left, and the South Saskatchewan River is coming in from the right.

further down the trail, on the North Saskatchewan portion
descending the trail, seeing the North section flowing into the fork

I had forgotten that it was quite a descent down to the river itself from the parking and picnic area.  We didn’t go all the way down as we forgot to bring water for the poopers (and ourselves) so we headed back to the car and got the a/c going for the drive home to cool us all off.

Now that the snow is gone and the light is coming early in the morning, we’ve been back on our “summer” routine of a good walk at 6-6:15 a.m. before the big fella gets ready for work.  We’re out for about 40 minutes.  I am the sleepy straggler of the pack.  Once we get back, though, it’s time for at least a four-hour nap:

Sabrina, well into her nap
Sabrina, well into her nap

I don’t have a corresponding photo of Apollo doing the same, but later today I felt like someone was watching me …

I looked down the hallway ...
I looked down the hallway ...

and saw …

a bedshark, of the Apollo variety!
a bedshark, of the Apollo variety!

We’re back from the late afternoon walk (which I see now was later than usual) and it’s time to get these poopers fed!  I hope they don’t mind interrupting their nap for supper!


2 thoughts on “Dear Patons, I’m sorry”

  1. I’m with you. I think the Paton’s Design team has sharpened their pencils.
    BTW – Chocolate Brownie Cookies at my house doe dessert tonight.

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