let us eat cake

With the crazy snow we had yesterday, I decided to warm up the house and do some baking.  I found this recipe for a chocolate mayonnaise cake. Instead of using eggs and butter, you substitute mayonnaise which gives it a slight tang and a very moist texture.

chocolatey goodness
chocolatey goodness

The recipe doesn’t specify cake pan sizes or anything, and I toyed with the idea of baking the batter as cupcakes, but in the end I used my two 8 (or 9?)” round pans.  I baked them for 22 minutes.  I decided to make a chocolate buttercream frosting (just butter, melted chocolate, icing sugar, vanilla and milk).  I much prefer a ganache; the buttercream is too sweet.  The cake, however, is simply delicious.

It was supposed to go up to 10° today; but right now it’s only -2, so I can’t see it.  It’s grey and overcast and the snow hasn’t begun to melt.  The streets are clear, but the yards, the roofs, etc. are all still snowcovered.

no after work walk yesterday
no after work walk yesterday

No one felt any desire to go out in the cold and damp for a walk.

nope, not interested
nope, not interested

Checking in with Apollo:

get back to me when the snow is gone
get back to me when the snow is gone

And to round out the evening, I unravelled about 8″ of knitting on the ruffles cardigan.  I was trying it on to check the placement of the waist shaping and realized that the armscyes were too tight.  I assessed it to see if it’s something that would relax with wear or blocking (aka Mr. Humphries “it will ride up/down with wear”).  I decided not, so ripped it back and have just finished adding another inch or so to the armscye.  I usually do have to do that for sweaters.

A note about the pattern:  the way it’s written, you would assume that the armscye/raglan depths that she gives are WAY too deep, but in googling around, I found a reference to a (no longer existing) faq page on her blog that says the raglan measurements arethe measurement along the diagonal raglan increase line, not a straight vertical measurement of armscye depth (as usually denoted) .  That makes sense now, because for my size she had the raglan length/depth of 10 inches; usually I go for 8.5″.  I checked my notes for the FLS because I know I adjusted the raglan depth there, but I hadn’t written down the measurement, just the number of increases I’d completed.  On the ruffles sweater I must have measured sloppily because what I thought I had (between 8 and 8.5″) wasn’t deep enough.  I checked it before I ripped and it was barely 8″.

So now I’m working back up to the waist shaping.  The yarn is working up very nice, by the way.


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