Is winter gone (again)?!

After a glorious day Tuesday and the subsequent descent back into winter for Wed/Thurs and somewhat Friday, today the sun is shining and it’s about +10°C. That’s better! Actually, weather, some rain would be nice instead of snow/ice/sleet.

Sabrina bundled up
Sabrina bundled up

When it’s chilly, she loves to be tucked firmly in with snuggle blankets.  Of course she then gets too hot and kicks the cover off and ends up cockroaching to cool her belly.

We had them out for a good walk this a.m. then all four of us went in the car to run some errands and do some shopping.  We picked up a few more things for our bathroom renovation.  We have to decide on the flooring next, then I think we have all the components, and it’s just a matter of gutting the old bathroom and having it ready to begin the new installation.  It’s a small bathroom, the floor space is 5′ x 6′ (not including the tub area).

I’m baking a mascarpone cheesecake right now (recipe on the Recipe Page) to serve at supper tomorrow.  We’re having a little family mother’s day bbq here.  I hope the weather is nice.

get that squirrel!
get that squirrel!

Apollo pauses during one of his “going mental” episodes.

I have the ruffles cardi back to the waist shaping point, and I hope this time it’s going to fit.  Cute design!


2 thoughts on “Is winter gone (again)?!”

  1. enlighten me down here in the subtropics of australia. what is sabrina in? does it zip? is it for dogs or is she hogging something of yours?

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