better, but maybe not

I had ripped back the body of the ruffles cardi to make the armscye deeper by doing another inch or so of raglan increases.  Then I knit down the body, completing the waist shaping.  I did one extra decrease.  Now I’m going to do about 1.5 inches even, then I’ll reverse the waist shaping.  However …

malfunction at the gauge junction?
malfunction at the gauge junction?

The edges of the stocking stitch body are rolling like a mofo.  Once the button bands are knit on they will flatten out, I know.  But just slipping it on and unrolling the edges makes me think it might be too wide in the body.  Oh noes!  I wanted this to be a very fitted cardigan, so I need to do a gauge check and recalculate.

I can’t do it right now because I have to go do a few things – I am in need of perfect shoes for my “Ande’s wedding” outfit.  The shoes I thought I’d use just aren’t working out.  I got them at an insane price, but they must be a half-size too big because I keep walking out of them at the heels.  I’ve tried putting pads in to snug up the fit, but it’s not working.  If all else fails, we’ll have to take a break in the pre-wedding yarn crawls to find me some shoes in Van.

Also have a hair appt (cut and colour – I’m excited) and a physio to work out my rib/neck/shoulder which has been crappy the past few days.  So no knitting until tonight.


3 thoughts on “better, but maybe not”

  1. oooh, i like the look you’re giving us. maybe if you look at the cardi, it’ll unroll out of fear.

  2. Ripping out is something that I have great difficulty with. All that hard work, and then its ripped out and you have to start again! Mind you, I think I am going to have to bite the bullet and do just that with my present project. It is just so huge, I can’t see it working or being wearable, so I guess do it now, before I spend any more time going down the wrong path so to speak.
    Love your two hounds, by the way, thanks for sharing the pleasure that they obviously give you. Helen.

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