shoes and hair – it’s all good

I had a somewhat hectic day yesterday, but accomplished a LOT!  Most important order of business was finding some shoes to go with my dress for Ande’s wedding:

purple patent Fane by Sofftshoes
purple patent "Fane" by Sofftshoes

In conversation on Monday my sister steered me towards a hidden trove of treasures – a shoe store that I’d never been to because from the outside it looked like they only sold work boots, CAT boots and tree hugger sandals.  Wow, was I impressed!  Instead of having to make do with less-than-wonderful shoes, I had a tough time choosing from four contenders.  I got these purple ones.  They are insanely comfortable to wear.

Next order of bid’ness was the hair:

angled bob
angled bob

envison Holly Hunters voice:  turn to tha left!
envison Holly Hunter's voice: turn to tha left!

turn to tha right (bonus points if you get the movie quote)
turn to tha right (bonus points if you get the movie quote)

I am sooooooo happy with this cut and colour.  Ideally it needs a couple of months to grow out into the style that I want, but it will look fabulous in the mean time (and most importantly for my Vancouver trip).

the outfit
the outfit

The colour’s weird on that – I had the white balance set to ‘tungsten’ and forgot to turn it back, so the outdoors photos have a weird blue cast to them that I tried to edit out. You can see the true colour of the shoes here at the company website.

And in other news, when I finally got a chance last night to sit down with my measuring tape and calculator, I think the ruffles sweater is going to be all right.  So I am proceeding with the reverse waist shaping now working my way down to the hem.  Cool!


8 thoughts on “shoes and hair – it’s all good”

  1. Oh my God! What a great looking hair cut. So different. Looks really great! Since Ande got a spiffy new haircut recently, you gals are going to look wonderful!

    Oh…and the shoes are to die for!


  2. OMG, the new ‘do is to die for – you look MAHvelous, baby!

    And bonus points for me – “Raising Arizona” – one of my favorite movies! Hi and Ed… “Turn to the RAHT…” Hee hee hee!

    Have a wonderful time at the event. 🙂

  3. yes, Raising Arizona is the correct answer, Stasia. Go buy yourself some yarn!

    Brenda, I had to edit your comment because WordPress’ comment filter wouldn’t let it through otherwise. But I appreciate the sentiment!


  4. I approve!!!!
    We are going to look great! I can’t wait till you’re here! AND I get to take all next week off! I intend the sewing to be completed by the time you get here so nothing will interfere with our time! Woot! Woot!
    AND I guessed the movie quote correctly before I looked at the comments!

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