it’s all over, including the crying!

I got back from Vancouver last night. It was a wonderful trip and we did so much. Of course the main attraction and fabulous reason for the trip was to be a witness for my dear Ande’s wedding.

It was sunshine and blue skies the entire five days I was there – simply glorious.

moments before the ceremony
moments before the ceremony

Isn’t the bride elegant and beautiful?  And the groom dashing and handsome?  Ande and Jim had a lovely civil ceremony that moved us all to tears.  Even Jim’s witness and best friend Gordy, who adamantly refused a hankie before hand because he “doesn’t get affected by this sort of thing”.  Ha!

I didn’t get any pics during the exchange of vows, what with holding the bride’s bouquet and rings and my own hankie (sniff, sniff) but I know the photographer got tons.  He was on continuous shutter the entire time, I’m sure.

I have lots more great photos of my trip and the great things we saw and did, but I’ll save them for another post.  The bathroom project is still underway but things are coming together and looking fantastic there as well.

after a wonderful wedding supper
after a wonderful wedding supper

5 thoughts on “it’s all over, including the crying!”

  1. Wouldn’t have been near as much fun without you! Thanks again!
    I think my blog post will be about how you bring out the total goofball in me and feature a collage of pics you’ve taken that catch me at my most flattering! LOL
    Last pic is okay, wine teeth but still standing 😉

  2. Nobody is going to see pictures of those shoes. She now hates them and feels compelled to give them to me. I get first dibs. (ranting) (and hoping you convince you to donate the shoes to a worthy cause, my closet!!!!) (they want to be with their sisters at my place you know, with the rest of the herd)AND I love them more than you ever can…………

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