I brought home some yarn

from Vancouver.  We managed to hit two of my favourite LYS in Vancouver, Urban Yarns (Point Grey) and Three Bags Full. I got a nice haul:

click through to the flikr page and view the notes on the photo for particulars
click through to the flikr page and view the notes on the photo for particulars

More than enough yarn to keep me busy for a good long while!

Some notes regarding the Ruffles Cardi (aka Marilyn’s Not-s0-shrunken Cardigan Rav Link) (off Rav link:

finished just in time to take on the plane
finished just in time to take on the plane

I used Elann’s Peruvian Highland Sport in colour #2015 which is really a nice, deep reddish burgundy. The photo above shows it almost in true colour.

I made the 34″ size.  My gauge came out at 24 st/4″ on 3 mm needles.  I think my row gauge was ~ 34 st/4″.  I knit the raglan seam to 8.5 or so inches (measured vertically, not diagonally along the raglan line).  Her pattern states that the armscye/raglan length for that size of sweater should be 10″, but I found in a google cached version of her blog that her raglan measurements are along the diagonal line.

I had 83 stitches for the top of the sleeves and I decreased them down to 65.  I did a bracelet length sleeve (well, maybe a bit shorter – it hit just past our elbows) and did the folded hem on both the sleeves and the body for a nice finished look.

I did five sets of waist shaping decreases/increases and made the body ~ 14.75 inches from the underarm.

ruffled button band
ruffled button band
close up of ruffles
close up of ruffles

From reading project notes on Ravelry about this sweater, it seemed a lot of people had problems doing the crocheted ruffle.  I think the  designer’s instructions are a little ambiguous and the photo she has in the pattern is really just confusing because there’s no context given it.

You are indeed crocheting the ruffle onto the sweater body, but you are doing it perpendicular to the way the knitting is going.  You are pulling your yarn through a horizontal knit stitch, but then you are doing the double crochets at a 90° angle to that.

after I had done a few DCs, with one slip stitch on the hook
after I had done a few DCs, with one chain st. on the hook
halfway through a DC
halfway through a DC
click through to see notes on flickr page
click through to see notes on flickr page

The ruffle is what makes this cardigan.  I only did one row of ruffles on either side, but if I had less of a time constraint so I could put it aside and work on it over a few days, I probably would put two rows of ruffles on the next sweater.  It’s so cute!

I used 11 tiny white buttons.  I did a simple one row buttonhole but they seems to slip out quite easily.  I should have reinforced the buttonholes, but I left Ande a partial skein of yarn so she could do that if she felt it needed it.

I didn’t measure chest, underarm and other dimensions on the finished item as I was packing for my trip and eager to get there.  Ande, if you get a chance, can you see how close (or how far away) from the 34″ chest I ended up?

This is a cute little project, perfect for customizing to your particular dimensions and tastes.  I found the pattern to be a little vague in parts and I particularly don’t like it when there’s no schematic for the pattern.  Also, I didn’t like that there were no concrete stitch counts for anything past the point where you have increased and cast on for the top neckline of the sweater.  But that’s just me.

yay!  mommys home!
yay! mommy's home!

3 thoughts on “I brought home some yarn”

  1. I love my sweater so much! Thank you!
    I was working on reinforcing the buttonholes last night but everything I tried (crochet, whipstitch) made the button hole too fat to hang onto the button. So tonight I’m going to try just closing up the top and bottom of the button hole and see if that works. That doesn’t work I’ll go to a slightly larger button! That sweater is worth it!

  2. I like the look of the yarn that you brought back with you. I bought some Noro Silk Garden sock yarn (amongst other things) this morning, so will son be starting my second pair of socks – i’m getting the bug, in fact getting the knitting bug altogether – yesterday evening I had no knitting to do at all (both projects finished) and felt quite lost, didn’t know what to do.

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