ding ding ding! Chicken dinner, we have a winner!

At last, a good recipe for using up rotten bananas!

little banana cakes
little banana cakes

Kind of like a muffin, kind of like a cupcake, kind of like banana loaf!  I came across this recipe in my food blog travels. I had two over-ripe bananas and decided to try it. It makes a dozen nice-sized muffin cakes.

nice shape and colour
nice shape and colour

I have given up on banana bread/loaf because every time I try a new recipe, I am met with utter, dismal FAILURE!  The top edges are burnt and the middle is a deep channel of unbaked batter goo.  Ugh.  But this, this is a recipe I can get behind!

nice texture, too!
nice texture, too!

(Readers, I hope you appreciate the sacrifices I make for you – I HAD to take a big bite out of that muffin, warm from the oven, to show you the texture …)

Anyway, this is a recipe I know I’ll use again.  In fact today I bought four bananas with the specific intent of letting them over-ripen so I could try the recipe again!

In knitting news, I have sock #1 to the commencement of the toe decreases and it’s going to be iffy about having enough yarn.  I’m working on bringing sock #2 to the toes before proceeding.

In other news, the weather still is le suck.  It was raining when we went out with the poopers this a.m. and tonight there were threatening clouds and cold winds.


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