More cheese straws, but crackers this time

Because that recipe for the cheese straws is so quick and easy, I whipped up a batch yesterday afternoon. Instead of making straws, I used a cute little shortbread cutter I picked up in Vancouver at Ming Wo (my fave kitchenwares store):

cheesey and crispy

cheesey and crispy

The sharp cheddar and red pepper flakes add a nice little bit of zing and heat to them.



And the crackers as just as addicting as the straws were.

As promised, I have some progress photos of the Noro Maiko Clapotis:

nice colour representation

nice colour representation

I am working on hank #4 and am almost done the “straight” section as called for in the pattern.  I may do an extra set of repeats to make it a bit longer.  I’ll measure and decide when I’ve completed the 13 sets of “straight rows”.  I’m halfway through #11.

silk flakes

silk flakes

This yarn reminds me very much of the Moda Dea Silk ‘n Wool that I used for my FLS.  The Maiko is wool/mohair/silk and the white slubs are the silk bits.  I am confident this will block up nicely and become soft and drapey.


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  1. Sorry, no time to read. Off to 12 step program for blog readers that have gained too much weight from reading great blogs that feature such tasty recipes. I will not make Cheese Straws. I will not make Cheese Straws. I will…. Oh, what the heck.
    where’s my grater?

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