Maikotis – c’est fini!

Finished and blocking right now.


I used five hanks of Noro Maiko (in colour #104) and 5 mm needles.  I followed the pattern as written but I added one more 12-row repeat to the “straight” section.  It blocked out to 28″ x 72″.  I just damp blocked it; pinned it out then sprayed it with water.

the dropped stitches
the dropped stitches

I do like that pattern!  It’s funny, both Ande and I poo-poo’d the Clapotis when it first came out (especially [at least for me] because of all the hype and craziness from the masses) but then we saw a shop model at either Urban Yarns or Three Bags Full and we were converted! Now I’m one of the masses; this is #3 for me.

Right at this moment, I haven’t got a thing on the needles.  I do have some things in planning, but I haven’t started them yet.  It’s weird – panic!  Nothing on the needles!  Panic!!

In other news, the big fella got back last night after being away on business for eight days.  Ande actually got to see my husband but I didn’t!  Anyway, Princess Sabrina got into a good mope while he was gone.

life has no meaning ...
life has no meaning ...

I enjoyed having some “me” time, but after a few days, we were all waiting anxiously for his return.  And now he’s got five days off, so we’ll all be sick of each other by then!


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