More-o Noro

The Maiko Clapotis has finished blocking:

worn with beautiful shawl pin Ande gave me
worn with beautiful shawl pin Ande gave me

Getting the big fella to share the same vision of an “F.O. photo” is a challenging proposition …

... sigh ...
... sigh ...

I have to coax him to come closer, to not get the entire neighbourhood in the background … and even so I had to crop these pics down.

and theres that damn red hair again!
and there's that damn red hair again!

So I’m quite pleased with how the Maiko knit up and blocked out.  It’s very soft and drapey.  I would use it again.

I dug around in my most recently acquired yarn and pulled out three skeins of Noro Silk Garden Chunky and started a capelet ( Rav link ) or on the designer’s blog.  I’m doing a few mods (quelle surprise!) in that I’m using a different needle size, stitch count, decrease method and I’m not making it reversible.  I thought the gorgeous Noro colours would look best in stocking stitch.


8 thoughts on “More-o Noro”

  1. It’s gorgeous! I have the same problem with my hubby. Every time I hand him the cam I have to remind him that gurls like photos from above the waist up. I always get full frontal. ugh.

  2. That is one beautiful Clapotis, and it goes perfectly with your hair colour. If you ever get tired of that shawl, you could always rehome it with me!;-)

  3. LOL I don’t even ask him to take pics anymore! He’s gotten a little better but not much! Looks like its a universal man thing…

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