*which is what I’ll be if we keep eating rib-sket!  But it was soooo good! But it is also what I named the chunky capelet I’ve been working on.

Noro Silk Garden Chunky capelet
Noro Silk Garden Chunky capelet

What a quick, fun little knit! The pattern is here, the Reversible Winter Capelet.  I used the Noro chunky and 7 mm needles and a starting cast on of 55 stitches.  I did 15 sets of raglan increases and I had 39 stitches for each sleeve, and 99 stitches for the body after the sleeves had been put on hold.  I used up every scrap of yarn and still had to dig around and find some chunky brown to finish the cast off row.  (BTW, holy knots, Batman!  Each teeny little 60 m  skein had at least two knots in it.  Jeez!)  I also kept a 4-stitch garter border on the front edges.

the back - I did a couple of extra rows of ribbing at the bottom
the back - I did a couple of extra rows of ribbing at the bottom

Oh yeah, I also did it in stockinette stitch, not reverse stocking stitch as the pattern is written.  I really like it – it’s a cute little shrug and I can see it with a t-shirt and either a skirt or jeans.

out of the sun, the colour of the yarn is pretty close to real life
out of the sun, the colour of the yarn is pretty close to real life

Regarding the rib-sket, the big fella was eating the last of it when I asked him to take a couple of quick photos.  He left his plate on the table and we stepped out onto the deck.  After the first couple of photos, I thought I heard something and opened the door to find a very GUILTY looking Sabrina licking her chops.  She helped herself to some of the ribs and corn bread and possibly some beans.  !!!!  While we usually don’t leave food within their reach, sometimes we do forget that (ex-racing) greyhounds have no concept of food being within reach and NOT for them.  Oops!  It was kind of funny that the one (big) piece left on the plate had a bit of a jagged gnawed edge of it.  😉

Now I’m back at the “nothing on the needles” point …

Edited to add:  I keep meaning to post this link to some gorgeous greyhound puppies at that kennel in Finland. Cuuuuute!


4 thoughts on “Chunkelet*”

  1. Ah, that happened to me the other night. The neighbors came home and I went out to give them a sedative for their dog since she gets anxious about fireworks too and I left my dinner half eaten on the table. I was away longer than I meant to be and wasn’t surprised when I found my dinner all eaten upon return. Lil bastards. The irony was that I had made way too much and had convinced Nick to take all the rest with him. I consoled myself with cookies.
    The chunkelet looks great, it’s perfect with your hair!

  2. I did up a cropped sweater for myself a few years back, and all I could see in the mirror was my butt looking like the base of a pyramid. Sigh. Maybe if I got some exercise?

    Wallace has taken to walking around the kitchen on his hind legs, but that’s because we leave his frisbee on the counter when we cant’ possibly throw it one more time.

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