they followed me home, can I keep ’em?

Well, they didn’t really follow me home, but rather accompany me.

Indigo Flash by Clarks
Indigo "Flash" by Clarks

I saw these at Winners; I was looking for some sort of shoe to wear with a skirt.  They were 60% off the regular retail price and they’re leather.  Very nice, very comfy.  I think they were destined for me; I’d been in Winners last week and was disappointed with the shoe selection.  I went in on Monday, and voila!  There they were.

With it being a cooler day yesterday (and today as well) I decided to do some baking:

Red Velvet Cupcakes w/ Cream Cheese Icing
Red Velvet Cupcakes w/ Cream Cheese Icing

I had seen this recipe a while back but never got around to trying it. Red Velvet cake/cupcake batter is basically a devil’s food cake but with either red food colouring or beet juice added to give it the red hue. This particular recipe uses double the amount of food colouring for a very deep, intense red – instead of a brownish red/mahogany colour.

You mix the cocoa powder with the food colouring to make a paste:

cocoa paste
cocoa paste

This gets blended into the batter after you’ve added the eggs.


There are tons of red velvet recipes online.  they are all very similar except the amounts of cocoa and food colouring vary; as well some use butter and others use vegetable oil  I prefer butter.  I would like to make a cake next time; I quite like this one on Joy of Baking – it looks very elegant with the four layers and the coconut.


The cupcake is actually a bright red – I messed around with the colours on the photo, but still couldn’t get it to come out true to life.  The cream cheese recipe is quite generous; next time I would halve it.  I used a piping bag and star tip to ice the cupcakes.

Old Shale cuff, Trekking XXL #48
Old Shale cuff, Trekking XXL #48

I started the Old Shale socks last night.  I did one cuff, then did a round or two with the solid colour (I was using a Regia 4-ply in a bright turquoise) but it didn’t “go” well with the colours in the Trekking.  I thought about it over night and now have ripped it back to the end of the cuff.  I have another Regia yarn in a dark blue that I will try next.  The other colours I have are either too light or too much of a green hue in the blue to use with the Trekking.


3 thoughts on “they followed me home, can I keep ’em?”

  1. You can’t go wrong with Clarks! Absolutely my favorite shoes. Good looking, very comfy and never wear out.

  2. Yum! Don’t be surprised if you find a gigantic box poked full of airholes on your doorstep soon. Just send him home when he’s full, I’ll include a prepaid return shipping label. 😉

  3. Sorry to be two years late to the party and all. But I’m a newbie knitter ready for my first pair of socks. You my friend are mentioned as one who has led many to their first pair.

    All links I’ve tried to obtain your Socks 101 tutorial have been unsuccessful. Help, please!


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