Crème Brûlée goo-pae

Hmph.  I am not impressed with the brûlée recipe I tried.  I had it printed off so I thought I’d made it before (and I know I did, but I didn’t make any notes on the paper).  It didn’t turn out so great. (goo-pae is the fancy-pants pronunciation of “goopey”)

baking in the bain-marie
baking in the bain-marie

I used this recipe (Ina Garten’s). After I had the brûlées in the oven for almost an hour, I was googling other brûlée recipes and found that many of them had a higher egg/cream ratio than this one.  After baking for an hour, the tops were just firming up and the centers never did get “set”.  I made a half recipe, but that didn’t change the ratios.

nicely burned sugar topping
nicely burned sugar topping

I got a little mini-torch in the welding supplies at Canadian Tire (oh look – it’s on sale!).  The finished product tasted very, very good; the texture was not as thick as it should have been.

I had a few little things to do around the house, then I had the big fella assist me in giving Apollo a “proper” bath, now that we have the new tub (the old one was a deep soaker tub that we couldn’t get the dogs into).  Apollo was not entirely sure about the process but he was a very good boy.  During the procedure, of course Gladys Kravitz had to get her nose in and see what we were doing.  She got stuck in the door opening because the big fella’s feet were preventing the door from opening more.

how YOU doin?
how YOU doin'?

He is soooo soft and cuddly.  I took him out on the deck to brush and dry him (very hot with a nice breeze) and I brushed out pounds of dog fur.  He’s so handsome!

oh, stop!
oh, stop!


hey, whats going on in here?!
hey, what's going on in here?!


Im tired, must nap now!
I'm tired, must nap now!


thats a good idea
that's a good idea

I finished the Old Shale socks.  I used the pattern here as a base, but did some mods.

Regia & Trekking
Regia & Trekking

I followed the pattern to the end of the old shale pattern and ribbing after that.  The previous times I’d made this pattern, after the old shale I increased it from 64 to 68 st which is my “usual” number for women’s socks.  This time I decided to go with the 64 st.  (That’s the same stitch count as the No-Purl Monkeys and they fit just fine.)

old shale cuff
old shale cuff

I did my usual heel flap instead of the eye-of-partridge, and I turned it in my usual way.  I picked up 18 st on each side for the gusset.  I did toe decreases to 24 st total for grafting the toe.  The yarn  is Trekking XXL #48 for the old shale, heel and toes; the body of the sock is Regia 5573.  I have enough left over I could make a reverse pair (or even just regular ribbed socks with contrasting cuffs/toes).

the toes dont match!
the toes don't match!

So now  I’ve just got the Silk Garden socks on the go.  I have a lot of ideas, but will get these socks further underway before starting something else.


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