Cookie Chemistry

I tried this recipe on Bakerella’s site (I think it’s the Nestle tollhouse cookie recipe) yesterday. I was taken by the delicious photo!  I have to say it was an epic FAIL. I followed the recipe exactly but found the cookies spread and flattened out ridiculously so. The 8-10 minutes baking time was extended to 17 minutes and they still weren’t done.  I used a small scoop to dole out the dough, I used parchment on my baking sheets. etc.  Epic fail.  I usually don’t use parchment because there’s enough butter in the cookies that they’re not going to stick to the sheet. The dough seemed very soft; usually for 1 c of butter you’d use more than 2.25 c of flour. I thought (after) that I should have chilled the dough as that would have stopped the spreading while baking.

I googled and found some very interesting sites about the chemistry of cookie batter and how changing the proportions of some ingredients makes a different cookie.  I also found the same recipe, but with 2.75 cups of flour instead of 2.25 cups, and the baking temp of 375° instead of 350°.  There was also some discussion of sifted vs. non-sifted flour and the different weights between 2.75 cups of sifted flour vs. unsifted.  The consensus was if the recipe didn’t state, then it was understood it was UNsifted.  I might try the 2.75 cups of flour and the hotter oven and see how that works next time.

Cute loldog (and very greyhound):

funny pictures of dogs with captions(Thanks Gina for pointing that out to me!)

The big fella has been away for five days and there has been much moping by the princess.  Even Apollo seems a bit out of sorts.  While I was out the other day I picked up a couple of cute little squeaky flowers (2 toys for 2 dogs).  They both played with their toys, but it didn’t take long for Bossy Cow to put her hoof down:

mine ... all mine!
mine ... all mine!

Apollo just went back to bed for a nap and let her have both toys.  What a meanie she can be!

I got the sewing machine out again and worked on that cute hobo bag.

the body of the bag
the body of the bag

Since that photo I’ve sewn the zippered pocket into the lining and completed the lining/inner bag.  I’ve learned a few things:  1) I can’t sew a straight line;  2) pins are really sharp; 3) it’s better to take one’s time than rush and have to go back and rip things out.

I have some housework to do, but later I hope to join the inner and outer bags and sew the straps on – then it’s done!


3 thoughts on “Cookie Chemistry”

  1. What a beautiful bag, Terri! No one would ever know you’re a novice with the sewing machine.

    Nice scratches behind the ears to Sabrina and Apollo for me.

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