more sewing in the wings

I realized a couple of weeks ago that I didn’t have a laptop sleeve for my new laptop.  The one I had for the old one wouldn’t have fit, so it went along with the laptop to its new owner.  I googled and found some interesting (free) patterns/tutorials for making one.

The local fabric store didn’t have anything that appealed to me for this purpose, so I ordered some from Hamels Fabric.  I chose a cute monkey flannel for the lining, got some fusible fleece for the interlining, and the exterior is a blue “suede” fabric.

the minkeys will protect my laptop
the minkeys will protect my laptop

I had a ton of errands to run this morning/early afternoon.  Crazy!  And this town is always insane for traffic and shopping on Friday afternoons, for some reason.

We had a few days of pretty hot and humid weather, but made good use of the air conditioning.  Love it.  We are all so comfortable.

this ...
this ...


and this.
and this.

That bear had been out in the back yard, dragged around by its head, through the grass and has grass clippings imbedded in its fur.  Time for a bath, I think.

The Truffle cardi is coming along.  Into the waist shaping now.  I am always being mislead by Ravelry browsing and finding many more excellent projects that I will never have time to complete (and now with the sewing …. ).


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