I have not dropped off the face of the earth

It just hasn’t been that exciting around here lately!  My dad came over the other day and installed new cushion flooring in our entrance way.  We had enough left over from the bathroom to fit that area.  The old flooring was gross – a white/off-white icky thing that never looked clean.  I really like the new flooring.

I cut out the fabric pieces for the laptop sleeve but have as yet been uninspired to actually start sewing.  Maybe today.

Apollo after our walk last night
Apollo after our walk last night

We’ve had some bouts of rain.  Last night I took the poopers out for their walk and when we were getting ready to go, it was raining.  So we all had raincoats on; once we walked down the street a few houses, the rain stopped.  So they were a little warm in their raincoats until we got back home.

This morning when we went out, it didn’t look like it was raining, just cloudy and pre-dawn so we didn’t put our raincoats on.  Once we went a few houses down the street we realized it was actually a fine drizzle.  Once we got on the path and walked a considerable distance we were being poured on.  By the time we turned around and came back, we were all soaked through.  It’s been raining steadily since then.

Miss Smug
Miss Smug

She loves lazing on the couch with her daddy.

Last week we had some great bbq chicken (using the Memphis Blues sauce recipe) and salads, etc. and I wanted to try a different cornbread recipe.  I found this one that utilizes a cast iron skillet. It was really tasty! I baked it only 17 minutes. I think my skillet was a bit bigger in diameter so the batter spread out more, thus it didn’t take as long to bake.

The Truffle cardi is coming along.  I’ve decreased the waist shaping and now am increasing again.  I’m a bit undecided if I’m going to go ahead with the folded hem as I did for Ande’s.  I like it, but I don’t want any flippy floppiness.  But I think if I used even a broad rib that it would mess up the line of the body.  We’ll see.

Edit:  I was looking on YouTube for a clip of Gene Kelly’s “Singin’ in the Rain” (because it’s still pouring) but found this great clip of him on The Dean Martin Show.  It must be circa early-70s, possibly 1972 or 1973.  Cute!

(And why don’t we have entertainers like this any more?  Singing, dancing, comedy?)


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