the haphazard sewer

That would be me.  I buckled down yesterday and sewed the laptop sleeve.  Theoretically it should be simple – make two squares, add a flap and voila, laptop sleeve.  Well, not only can I not sew a straight line, I cannot cut one, either.  In retrospect I should have cut the panels out on paper, then used that as a template, but I figured I could have just used the lines on my cardboard grid.  That didn’t work out so well.  I need to get one of those rubber cutting mats.

Regardless, the project is complete:

laptop sleeve
laptop sleeve

It turned out well enough.  The pattern was easy to follow.  I did have a moment where I couldn’t figure out where to fold the flap when I was sewing the layers all together.  I was happy to have picked up a walking foot for the sewing machine at Sears:

this foot is made for walking ...
this foot is made for walking ...

That made the sewing much easier.  It has grippy teeth on top to help keep the fabric layers together and push them through.  The blue “suede” fabric was quite slippery to work with.

I did miscalculate the depth needed for the sleeve, so it’s a bit looser than I’d have liked:

flannel monkey lining
flannel monkey lining

My laptop is not one depth throughout – it’s deeper at the back than at the front.  I used the back measurement for the depth when I probably should have split the difference.  It’s still going to work just fine because I wanted a sleeve to put the laptop in when putting it in a laptop bag, so it’s not like it would be banging around outside unprotected.

I also thought the fusible fleece would have been thicker.

It was a cute project and while I was cursing a few times at the machine because it was snarling up the yarn thread for apparently no reason, and today my rhomboid muscles have seized as a result of the sewing, I like it!  But I won’t be giving up my knitting any time soon.


My latest dvds from have been Hill Street Blues (season 1, 1981).  Interesting to note is the running length of each episode was 48.5 minutes so only 11.5 minutes of commercial interruption.  Compare that to now where we’re lucky if we get 43 minutes of tv show.  The storylines are a bit dated, but it was still a good show and a precursor to NYPD Blue, Brooklyn South (Steven Bochco).  I also have been watching Brooklyn South which unfortunately was only on one season.

no, you haven't groveled enough
no, you haven't groveled enough

In the evenings, Sabrina likes to snuggle up on the couch with the big fella.  She plays this silly game where she’ll lay on the floor and whine and grumble if he won’t “assume the position” and lay down on the couch, leaving her a spot to curl up in.  After a time, we’ll tell her to jump up on the couch.  She is coy.  We encourage her to join the big fella on the couch.  She will whine some more, then give us the “no, you haven’t begged me enough” cockroach above.  Then, her point being made, she’ll jump up and start sawing logs with him.  Funny dog.


3 thoughts on “the haphazard sewer”

  1. It looks great! I love the monkeys. As a life long tweaker of patterns, I might have made the flap one piece with the back, tapering slightly for a perfect fit. I have been wanting to incorporate some orphan quilt blocks into a sleeve for my laptop and was trying to think of a cushioning that would be thicker than batting and thinner than foam. Your idea of fusible fleece is perfect! Thank you.

    1. I really like the fabric, too! The fusible fleece was not my idea, but the pattern creator’s. Works well, though!

  2. Great sock-monkey liner on the laptop “sock”.

    I love the photos of Apollo and Sabrina on their big beds. Pile them up and they look like Prince/Princess and the Pea!

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