Sunday Edition

One of the big fella’s colleagues always asks him, of a Friday, what our plans are for the weekend.  We often disappoint him in that we DON’T have any plans other than to enjoy our house, walk the dogs, etc.  Low key, but we love it.

This weekend we did lots of dog walking and I did some bike riding (more on that later).  And today we went out after breakfast and hit up three of the city’s museums. We had taken Ande to the Historical Society Museum when she was here in October. We were given off-season access for that, so had the place to ourselves. I commented to the big fella earlier in the summer that I wanted to go back and look at the displays that addressed some of the city planning and historical buildings, as well as some of the oldest houses in the city. So we did that today, then we went to the policing museum and stuck our heads in the educational museum as well. It was all very interesting. I did find the assortment of shanks and ice picks confiscated from the penitentiary inmates quite chilling, though.

On Friday I got my engagement ring back from being remounted.  It was my great-grandmother’s ring and I loved the idea of using it as my engagement ring, but it has always annoyed me (for the past 22 years) to wear it because the band was so narrow it was uncomfortable to wear and was always slipping around on my finger.  So I decided to get the diamond popped out and put into another setting.  They had a huge thick book of ring settings but my selection was narrowed down by the size of the diamond.

it is a white diamond, just funny colour from the flash in this photo
it is a white diamond, just funny colour from the flash in this photo

Yes, this is one of the rare and elusive “can’ard” diamonds.  You know, can ‘ardly see it?  Ha.  It’s .16 ct weight but the band suits it – elegant and dainty, just like me.  (!?!)  It’s much more comfortable to wear and I like the little cut-out scrolls on the side.  Very nice!  I found this interesting site that addresses colour and clarity. Mine is VS clarity and colour I-J-K, so almost colourless.

So the other news is that I decided to sell my beautiful Giant TCR 2 road bike.  I had mixed feelings about it.

so lightweight, sleek and fast
so lightweight, sleek and fast

When we lived in Waskesiu, it was ideal.  I had gorgeous (federal) highways upon which to ride and usually at least one other person with whom to ride.  There were a few times when we had quite a posse of riders going out.  Ah, the good ol’ days.  But since our move, the bike routes are not as glorious; most of the highways are incredibly busy; the one that I can access easily from the house is in deplorable condition.  Any time this summer that I went out on it, by the time I got back, I had to immediately lay on the floor and stretch my back and neck out.   Even when I’d ride on the paved bike path (and feel like a total dork stick for riding a road bike like that on a bike path) my neck/shoulder/back was giving me trouble.  At least my physiotherapist is happy to see me.

So it was with some sadness that I listed my bike for sale.  I put it online in a couple of places and had a few nibbles, but ended up sending it to a guy in Calgary that would give it a good home.  I did find something to help me through my mourning:

hello, gorgeous!
hello, gorgeous!

That’s the Pee Wee Herman upgraded!  It’s a Giant Suede GX W and while I thought the bike shop would have to order it in for me, they did have one in a box, so they put it together and I went back the next day and rode it home.

It has a cool rack and bungy cord system on the back and I put on the bracket on the front for a removable basket.  I don’t see how I can use my collapsible baskets that I have on the original PWH bike, though.  Still thinking about that one.  It’s a 3-speed with an internal gear system in the rear hub (no changing sprockets) and a coaster brake on the back.  You know, like the “old fashioned” bikes where you push the pedal backwards to stop?  It’s very cool.  It’s pretty comfy to ride, too and my back/neck/shoulder thing is fine from riding.  (Sewing, now, that’s another thing!)

Last night I finished knitting the body of the Truffles cardi (and did the fold up hem after all) and have started on a sleeve.  I’m quite pleased with the project.  The Regia Silk 6-ply is very nice to work with and suited to the project.  I am going to knit the ruffles on this time, and am eager to try that technique out.


2 thoughts on “Sunday Edition”

  1. I can’t lean forward either, esp with a backpack on. I have been looking for a groovy bike like that. Good move.

    Now you’ll be tempted to let your legs splay out and ride in the rain and weave.

  2. I may need a new bike- your symptoms sound ominously familiar. I just thought I was getting old!

    Somehow I had missed the whole Truffles Cardigan thing, but after checking out the Rav link, I understand your enthusiasm. Too cute!

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