happiness is

a bucketful of squeakies!
a bucketful of squeakies!

She’s shocked that I finally got all the “upstairs” squeaky toys, did surgery, replaced broken squeakers, then washed them all up.  (They have a lot of toys, but there is a load of towels underneath that pile in the bucket.)

I’m working on the second sleeve of the Truffles cardigan.  I had a momentary panic when I realized I only had 9  balls of the yarn.  I thought I’d ordered 10, but I hadn’t.  I decided to go with a longer sleeve, 13.5″ instead of the ~10″ I did for Ande’s.  And I’m going to knit the ruffles on, so that will take more yarn.  I still have the button bands and neckband to do before the ruffles, so we’ll see.  Of course Elann doesn’t have it on inventory any more.

Finally got in to see my physio yesterday and she straightened me out.  My neck/back/etc. feel much better today.

Someone posted this vid on the Rav; it slays me!


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