Ruffles, Day One

I finished the button/neck bands on the Truffles cardigan and last night debated how to do the ruffles.  I knew this time I wanted to try knitting them on, instead of crocheting them as the pattern directs.  I was pleased with the ruffles on Ande’s sweater, but it killed my wrists to do it.


I looked on the Rav at other people’s project notes and got some ideas for knitting the ruffle.  There were a couple of different methods but I combined them.  I picked up stitches in the same ratio as I did for the button bands, then I did a row of P1, YO across.  The knit row after that I did K1, Kfb across.  Purled back, then cast off.  I was worried that the YO row would make it too floopy, but it gives it a nice result.

one band of ruffles
one band of ruffles

It took me quite a while last night to do that one band of ruffles.  It’s a bit fiddly picking up the stitches and I’ve been using a crochet hook to facilitate that.

The combined button/neck/button band turned out very nice.  I was worried that the right angle at the top of the button band where it meets the neckband would be a gong show, but I like how it rolls just ever so slightly.

More pics once I get the rest of the ruffles done.


2 thoughts on “Ruffles, Day One”

  1. Hi Terri,
    I saw your Greyhound sweaters on Ravelry and am determined to find someone to make it for my boy. So far, I have only knit a square and fall is coming fast. I just adopted a Greyhound and he looks almost identical to your brindle with the light-coloured face. I saw that you learned to knit when living in Saskatchewan. I grew up there, but it took me moving to Montreal to learn to knit. Funny how that goes.

    Thank you for the pattern! Hopefully by next fall, I’ll have learned enough to make one myself.

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