Ruffles, Day Three

These ruffles are taking it out of me!  I finished the second left-side ruffle band.  I picked up more stitches, so it is more ruffley than the one right next to the button band.  I like how it turned out.

twice the ruffley goodness
twice the ruffley goodness

For the first ruffle, I picked up 106 stitches, for the second one on that side, I picked up 135.  When you extrapolate the increases (135 – 6 st knit even at top and bottom = 129 x 2 (P, YO across) = 258 x 1.5 K1, Kfb) = 387 stitches.  Or something like that.  It took a long time to cast off last night.

I have a busy couple of days ahead of me, so hopefully I can get the fourth and final ruffle done, give it all another good steaming, then get some FO pics.  I am very happy with this sweater!


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