is it time yet?

As we unexpectedly ended up in Edmonton, we’re going to take in the annual greyhound picnic tomorrow.  The weather is supposed to be +26°C and sunny, so a perfect day for a picnic.  We’ll have to make sure we choose our spot in the shade so we’re all comfortable.

Apollo waiting patiently for tomorrow
Apollo waiting patiently for tomorrow


make it hurry up!
make it hurry up!

After a walk and breakfast, this morning we went to the G & E Pharmacy which is a large pet store with tons of interesting things.  Sabrina just about lost her mind with all the squeakies!  She managed to snag one off a hanging display and slobbered all over it, so of course we bought it for her.  Apollo wasn’t too interested in the toys, but he loved the “big bits” we got him (liver treats).  One customer in the store actually said that Apollo was “a lot fatter than any greyhound I’ve seen“.  Hmph.  I know he’s put on a pound or two over the summer (yeah, me too) but I don’t think he’s that heavy!

siamese knittens
siamese knittens

Here’s a cute project I’ve been working on.  I had to dig around and try a few different yarn/needle combos, but I think this pairing will work.  It’s Regia 6-ply sock yarn and the pattern is one of Jorid Linvik’s great designs Rav link. It’s really a cute motif.

Fortissima socks-in-progress
Fortissima socks-in-progress

In case I got bored with those projects, I also threw in two balls of sock yarn to start another pair of socks.  Just in case.  Heh.


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