Quick post-picnic post

(try saying that fast three times!)

We had a fabulous day for a picnic –  bright blue prairie sky (not a cloud), nice breeze and temps reaching +29°C.  We left here at 9 a.m. and got back to the hotel a little after 6 p.m.  It was a full, fun and exciting day.

I took a lot of photos and we were browsing through them once I dumped them onto the laptop.  This one slays me:

Apollo savours his popsicle
Apollo savours his popsicle

The dogs spent the day sniffing, peeing, sniffing, peeing, and no time for their usual 16 hour nap, so they’re beyond exhausted right now.

watch out for the zombie eye!
watch out for the zombie eye!

We were high bidder on two very nice auction items and got Apollo a new collar set and poo bag carrier in the “bag bid” raffle.  The one auction was for a very cushy dog bed.  It’s still in the trunk of the car (I’ll have to do some inventive packing to get the trunk closed).  The other item was a very beautiful lap quilt, about 4 feet square:

Sabrina assists in displaying the quilt
Sabrina "assists" in displaying the quilt


this is MY quilt, right?
this is MY quilt, right?

The day ended with a group roo and even Apollo took part!  Last year he stood there with his ears up and puffing his cheeks out (then ended up rooing in his sleep back at the hotel) but this year right at the end he let out a couple of yips and howls along with the rest of them.  Too funny!

I’ll have more pics and details tomorrow.  It was quite a fabulous day.


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