what’s all the fuss?

When I was at the library the other day, I picked up these books on doing socks “two at a time on two circs” to see what all the fuss was about.  On blogs and Rav and other forums, knitters rave about using this technique to make socks.

meh, I dont see the point
meh, I don't see the point

You take two very long circulars and then cast on for both socks, then work both socks at the same time.  It seems more complicated and fussy than using double-points.  I have two sets of double-points, so I always still do “2 socks at a time”.  I woudn’t consider changing my method.  What I don’t understand is the whole “double point phobia” that many knitters exhibit. ???  You’re still just working with two needles at a time.

There are some interesting texture patterns for the legs of the socks, nice to get some new ideas to add to my repetoire.  I love making socks, but sometimes doing a broad-ribbed sock gets a little boring.

As you can see above, I’ve gotten both socks down past the heel turning and have started the gusset decreases.  I sometimes forget how much I love making socks until I’m in the middle of another pair!

the new lounging area
the new lounging area

We decided to just add the new dog bed to the other two, instead of removing one.  I turned them 45° so all three would fit in the space under the bay window.  They love it – they spent almost all day yesterday there!

how can that be comfortable?
how can that be comfortable?
Sabrina in a rare sit
Sabrina in a rare sit

She’s waiting (im)patiently for the big fella to curl up on the couch with her.

We’ve been having crazy hot weather here.  Yesterday afternoon I went out for a bike ride with my sister and it was 27°C/30 humidex.  It was ridiculous.  I had a headache when I got back from the sun.  We’re going tonight about 6 p.m. so hopefully it’s cooler and not as stinking humid.


3 thoughts on “what’s all the fuss?”

  1. I’m with you on the two socks on two circs thing.
    I might try one sock on two circs, but still don’t really see the point.
    Your point is well expressed. Two needles or four. You still only use two at a time.

  2. One sock on two circulars is the best way for me to knit socks. Since I started doing it that way I have dropped a single needle out of a WIP, and I find it a lot easier to join the stitches into the round. I tried a pair two at a time, and the charm of near-instant gratification that is sock knitting was lost. It took twice as long to get anywhere, and poor Mike’s socks ended up taking wayyy longer than if I had done them one at a time. I think people just have to find what system/s work best for them. Thanks heavens someone is doing all the innovating for me!

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