These dogs were made for walkin’

Yesterday after their walk in the morning (2.5 km) and a walk after lunch (1 km) we took them out to the Little Red and a long walk there. Apollo (and Sabrina) walked over a suspension bridge. Apollo was veeeeery scary, but a big brave boy and walked over it twice.

exhausted dog #1exhausted dog #1


exhausted dog #2exhausted dog #2

They sacked out for several hours, then the big fella took them out for an evening stroll while I was on a bike ride.  They were pooped poopers!

We’re going to a staff bbq with the big fella’s peeps on Thursday and I have to make something to take along.  I was going to do a dessert and a salad, for something different.  Now to browse some recipes – going over to the Pioneer Woman’s Tasty Kitchen.

Found a super cute hat pattern via the Rav: the Caroline Cloche.  Might have to make at least one of these!  I’ll have to stash dive and see what I have that would be suitable.

its 31°C, rest up with your chin on your squeaky onion in the cool a/c house!
super hot again today, better stay in the a/c with your squeaky onion!

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