Toe the line

I’m working on the toe decreases on the Forissima socks now:

sock #1
sock #1

Really, I should have these finished up by this evening, barring any housework interruptions.  I’ve done most of my chores for today, except for finishing the laundry.

I think I’m going to work on socks and hats and mitts for a while and not start another sweater project.  I do have the yarn for the Tangled Yoke Cardigan (Rav link).  I was looking through my printed patterns and my Rav favourites and there’s so many cute little hat and mitt patterns, I think that will be my Fall Focus.

Today the big fella went back to work after his two weeks’ leave.  We were out with the dogs at our usual “work day” time of 6:15 ish and it was still sort of dark.  And quite a bit cooler, which I welcome, but in checking the forecast tomorrow is supposed to reach 26° and stay that way for a couple of days.  Um, no, I’m ready for autumn, now.  I have all the windows open right now and the house is a deliciously cool 18° inside!

I made that Easy Chocolate Pudding Cake Saturday night to go with our steak dinner and it was fabulous!


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