mitten or gauntlet?

I finished the right mitten of the Cat Mittens (Rav link):

I put a little picot cuff on it but I think its too long
I put a little picot cuff on it but I think it's too long

I was worried most of the knitting that the “body” of the mitt was going to be too long but it was perfect.  I’m using a 6-ply sock yarn instead of the fingering weight that the pattern called for.  I’m using 2.75 mm needles, so that brought me closer to what would be the pattern gauge, if there was one (no gauge info on the pattern) but my row gauge is slightly bigger, I think.

Siamese Knittens
Siamese Knittens

The graph is really cute – I love the cats and the paw and fish skeleton on the palm side/thumb:

thumb could use more steaming
thumb could use more steaming

When I wear the mitten, it comes up about 3″ past my wrist bone.  My wrist bone is right at the bottom of the cat’s rear paws.

Apollo doesnt care that theyre CAT mittens!
Apollo doesn't care that they're CAT mittens!

So before I start the left mitten,  I’m pondering what to do.  I worry that when the mittens are worn with a winter jacket, the cuff is going to get all smooshed down around the jacket cuff, unless I tuck the mitten cuff up into the sleeve.  Should I cut off the bottom of the mitten and graft something, should I cut off the bottom of the mitten then unravel, pick up and knit down?  My other Selbu fair isle mittens have a very short cuff:

in comparison.  If I was going to shorten the cat ones, I’d probably eliminate the swirly design between the black picot edging and the black/beige vertical motif.  Hmmm.

Sabrina knows when its 4 p.m.
Sabrina knows when it's 4 p.m.

Hurry!  Gotta find a squeaky to run to the door with:

Mr. Chill
Mr. Chill

This would explain a lot about why his nose is loose:

but he assured me he was completely comfortable
but he assured me he was completely comfortable

Really comfortable.

tough life, part 53
tough life, part 53

I made a roast beef supper tonight (and had leftovers so I immediately made that into shepherd’s pie for tomorrow) and wanted to try this recipe from Pioneer Woman for Apple Skillet Cake (that’s what I kept calling it).  It was pretty easy, but I think I goofed a little.  I had the butter melting, then got sidetracked by the apple peeling and coring and wedging, so I removed the skillet from the heat.  When I turned it back on again, it took a while to heat up and by the time I was ready to add the apples, the butter/sugar hadn’t really gotten as hot as they would have been.  So my cake the bottom wasn’t as crispy and caramelized as the one in PW’s photos.  I’ll remember for next time.  The big fella went back twice for “just a little more”, so I would say it was still a success.


3 thoughts on “mitten or gauntlet?”

    1. no kidding! Funny thing is, the big fella always protests “oh, I don’t like sweets, I don’t eat dessert” yet he has a lip on if there’s no dessert! I would be just as happy eating chocolate (well, except for the brownies … and choc chip cookies) as a dessert 😉

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