becoming unraveled

I couldn’t stand that mitten to be so long in the cuff.

let er rip!
let 'er rip!

I threaded a lifeline through a row/round of stitches, then snipped one stitch in the row below.  I did visit TECHKnitting to reassure myself that it would be a big pain in the ass to try and graft the picot edge back on.  I picked up those stitches, then knit down towards the wrist.  I did four rounds of stocking stitch in beige, then an inch of ribbing in the black/charcoal, and then two rounds of stocking stitch.  I’ll let it sit for a day or two and see if it’s “right”.

Purolator came to the door yesterday with this:


Thanks, Airmiles!  My other old handheld mixer was crapping out on me, so time to replace.  Hmm, I could inaugurate the new one with a batch of cookie dough … I wonder if I have enough eggs?  Have to get groceries tomorrow.

some of the usual excitement at Chez Royea
some of the usual excitement at Chez Royea

The big fella watching tv with his eyes closed … again.

Apollo zoned out
Apollo zoned out

The weather has turned cold and windy here – perfect autumn weather!  Had to wear a toque the past two mornings on our walk, and Sabrina even needed her red coatie-coat on Monday.  It’s been drizzling on and off all day today.  A good day to stay in and knit.


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