three days of rain

After our crazy hot weather in September, on the last day of the month it started to rain.  And has done so for three days!  Poor poopers didn’t get out for a walk yesterday – just dashing into the yard for their bid’ness, then back in where it was warm and dry.  I had to turn the furnace on, too – I woke yesterday morning and it was 17° C in the house and the poopers were curled up like little husky dogs in a snowbank.

what?!  whats that youre saying?!
what?! what's that you're saying?!

The other day when I told them their daddy wasn’t going to be home for three days.  The horror.  He’ll be back later today but there was some serious moping going on, as only Sabrina can do.  Velcro dog on most days, she was super-velcro dog the past three days (and nights).

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Not only does that crack me up, it’s a great photo, composition and lighting wise.

Not content to rip off mitten cuffs and mess with them, I decided last night to remove the button band on my Monsieur Aurora Borealis aka Mr. Greenjeans cardigan. I did the button band as the pattern directed with just a one button closure, but I ended up putting it a little low.  I wore it a few times and then decided to get rid of the button and just use a shawl pin to close it in the proper place. Well, that worked okay, but I didn’t like the mess I’d made sewing up the buttonhole, and I didn’t like how the lower ends of the button band flapped around in the breeze, so I decided a re-vamp was in order.

before (as completed in March)
before (as completed in March)

I’m just a couple of rows away from casting off and sewing the buttons on.  I had four nice wooden buttons that should do the job!

Back to watching the rain come down.


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