I dug out some Mirasol Qina yarn (alpaca/bamboo blend) and cast on for Foliage.  The pattern comes in two versions, a worsted and a chunky.  I think the delicateness of the leaf lace pattern gets a little bludgeoned by the chunky weight wool, so I opted for the worsted.

just before finishing the crown
just before finishing the crown

It’s knit from the top down.  The first couple of rounds are fiddly but after that it’s quite addictive.  So addictive, in fact, that after I proceeded to the “body” section of the lace pattern, I screwed up and lost a stitch somewhere, so I ripped it back … all the way to the beginning!  I almost have it back to the point in the photo now; I’ll pay closer attention to the lace repeats once I get it onto the circular needle.  And maybe use some markers, too.

I made this Baked Penne & Roast Veggie casserole last night. Every time we have it we both remark on how good it is! Yummy!  And I just pulled an apple crisp out of the oven and I can’t stand how delicious it smells. I must test it.


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