hat, schmat

After working the Foliage pattern twice and messing up at the same point (row 3 of the leaf lace pattern) I decided the thing was not to be.  So I ripped it out and browsed my patterns/faves on Rav and decided to try the Odessa pattern, but without the beading.


That took me two tries as well, but once I got past the first few rounds, it was easy going.  I’m doing the crown decreases right now.

I will try Foliage again, but I think I’ll have to type out the lace instructions so they’re clearer to me.  I think I either kept forgetting a YO or doing an additional decrease or something in there.

double spazz-out!
double spazz-out!

The other day I had a parcel arrive from KnitPicks:

Knit Picks loot!
Knit Picks loot!

I needed some black sock yarn and their house label was very reasonable.  They also had undyed sock blanks – I’m ruminating about how (and with what) I’ll dye that one.  I’m thinking some sort of gradated dip dye.  (Why does spell check insist that it’s not spelled “gradiated”?)  I needed a 2.75 mm med-length circular, theirs were $5.99 US.  And they had the reissued AS “Fair Isle Knitting” for $14.95, so that came along, too.

During the week I was busy with preparations for a work meeting on Friday.  We finished after lunch and I had time to meet up with the ever-fabulous Judy at Prairie Lily.  She was there waiting for me with biscotti, cookies and muffins and coffee/tea!  It was great!  We did some shopping and visiting.  She throws a good yarn/tea party!  Some yarn might have found its way into my car and home:

bags of goodness
bags of goodness

The top bag is 5 balls of Patons Classic Merino Wool in “leaf green”.  I’d have liked to have gotten a full sweater’s worth, but they only had 5.  They were 50% off.  Regia has a new sock yarn out “Hand Dye Effect” so I had to indulge in a few several balls.  There were a couple more random pairs of yarn (Patons SWS, one lonely Noro Silk Garden and two balls of Mirasol Tupa).  That should keep me busy for a while.

pink poodle chin rest
pink poodle chin rest

I worked a bit this afternoon then I put some rubber matting and comfy blankets in the back of the new car and we took the poopers for a drive and then a walk.  They had their supper and now are zonked out again.

this bed isnt big enough for the both of us
this bed isn't big enough for the both of us

Time to stretch out the knot in my back/shoulder and maybe indulge in some tv and knitting!

Edited to add: I forgot to mention that I tried this recipe the other night for a beef mushroom roulade.  You cna use a less expensive cut of meat because it all gets braised in the oven for 3 hours and comes out fork-tender.  I used outside round steak which I sliced in half depth-wise to make it thinner, then I pounded it out with a mallet.  Things I will do differently next time (and I will make this again!): use beef broth and maybe a non-tomato paste sauce; dice mushrooms instead of slicing, dice onion smaller to make it easier to spread the filling; and maybe not so much olive oil to brown the roulades before braising.  I forgot to trim the fat off a couple of pieces of steak, so the sauce was a little fattier than it could have been.  Very flavourful, though!


3 thoughts on “hat, schmat”

  1. Nice stash enhancement…well done! I know what you mean about frogging…I just frogged my Nordic Lights socks because I didn’t like the instep decreases…guess, I’ll just have to cast on for another pair! I love, love the pics of your puppies. I just want to reach through the screen and hug them!

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