does humidity affect cookies?

I baked cookies yesterday afternoon using the engineer’s Tollhouse cookies – secret is weighing the flour:

using my eBay drug dealer digital scale
using my eBay drug dealer digital scale


they left me feeling flat
they left me feeling flat

It was a really wet, damp day yesterday.  I know altitude affects baking, but what about humidity?  I could have chilled the dough to help keep the dough from spreading while baking.


I love how the dog just puts up with it, puts up with it, the kitteh is freaking out and finally the dog levels an oh-so-gentle smackdown and runs the little buggar off. 🙂  Good dog!

So I cast on a couple of new projects: Ishbel and the Caroline Cloche. Both are very interesting patterns. I’m using a different weight yarn for the cloche, so I have to rejig the numbers to make it work. I may end up ripping out, but we’ll see how my math was.

My back is killing me – my desk is horribly un-ergonomic and aggravates my shoulder/neck/rib thingie.  I spent three hours at my desk today.  I should sit down and knit.


2 thoughts on “does humidity affect cookies?”

  1. I discovered your blog after looking at your greyhound sweater on Ravelry. I shall be back to catch up as I enjoy knitting cooking a greyhounds too. My dog is a mixture of greyhound, whippet and, apparently, a hint of bedlington terrier. He looks like a small greyhound though and does all the greyhound things: lying on his back with his legs in the air and refusing to go for walks in the rain.

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