wishy-washy ishy-bel

I’ve been working on Ishbel.  I’m using Malabrigo sock yarn in ‘tiziano red’ and 4 mm needles.

about half-way through the stocking stitch section
about half-way through the stocking stitch section

I am not entirely pleased with the appearance of the yarn-overs that are executed on the purl side.  The beginning of the purl row has you doing the 3-stitch garter edge, then a YO before you begin purling.  So you have to do almost a double-wrap of the yarn around the needle.  It makes a bigger hole than the one at the end of the row which is going from purl to knit.  I’ve even tried knitting the YO through the back loop to tighten it up.

loosey goosey
loosey goosey

I think with blocking it might get even holey-er.  It was a good thing I realized this morning that I have need of making a birthday present, so I am setting the Ishbel aside to do the other project, I’ll think about what I’m going to do.  I did read on the Rav there were a few people who did a slightly different border so they weren’t doing purl-side YOs from a knit stitch, so I might go back revisit that.

Rainy, damp day today.  We ran some errands then went for Chinese food for a treat.


One thought on “wishy-washy ishy-bel”

  1. I made a Seraphim in Malabrigo Sock Tiziano red and I just LOVE the color. Your Ishbel will be gorgeous!

    I thought my purl-side YOs looked wonky on my Ishbel too, but I can’t really tell now that it’s blocked.

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