reader poll

I can’t decide:  please look at the pics and make a choice on the poll.

#1, off the shoulder, ruched/gathered bodice

#2, wrap bodice

#3, wrap bodice with matching bolero

I’m completely torn between them.  I love the off-the-shoulder look.  But I also love the wrap bodice.  The big fella worries that the bolero makes it look too military uniformish (and it’s a military ball we’re attending).  The first dress is made of a flatter/non-shiny fabric and I like that.  [I had to crop out my face b/c I had bad crazy hair today and a crabby look on my face.]

Edit:  the first dress is not as snug as the second one, so I could actually eat supper 🙂  The ball is being held in a military armories building, so drafty and cool.  The big fella will be in red serge, so think how the dress will look next to that.

Edit #2:  Really?! No one likes dress #1?  So you want me to have to wear Spanx and control top pantyhose and not eat?!  I was looking at last year’s photos and the military officers are in red, the enlisted are in a dark green, it looks like.  So shiny midnight blue shouldn’t really look like theirs?


17 thoughts on “reader poll”

  1. Wrapped bodice with or without bolero, I voted with in case you get a bit chilled. Not No 1. Doesn’t do anything for you I think because it’s too busy. Also the fabric doesn’t look as silky.

  2. I love the wrap bodice dress too! I voted for the bolero, but then I read your comments about it being a military ball, and blending in too much, so go for the wrap bodice and show off those lovely arms and shoulders! You look grand!

  3. Kris nailed it, for me. You rook mahverous in #2. heheh.

    Also can you give Apollo extra snoogle snorgles for me today? He is so handsome, even with zombie eye and flycatcher mouth, 😉 and I miss my own baby boy.

  4. i voted #2 and agree with the others. now, for why i didn’t like #1. it looks like it’s on backwards. it’s not about the shoulders, it is, for me, about that gathering with the seem at the front. i want to see if there’s a YKK tab.

    the #2 is flattering and will lead to inappropriate bum squeezing by a certain fella and a flirty suggestion to ditch the ball and go home–not to knit.

    just thought i’d warn you.

  5. Wear the one with the bolero!!!! It isn’t too tight. Quit complaining. If you don’t like the results of the poll, then don’t ask our opinion. Sounds to me like you want to wear the first one no matter what advice you get. The second one is the one, absolutely no contest with the first. AND the bolero does not make it look like a uniform, it’s very Princess of Monaco looking.

  6. Definitely the wrapped. Elegant. And bolero or no, but I’d take it just in case there’s a chill. But that’s just me, I’m always chilly.

  7. I vote for #1. They all look nice, but I go for the one where you can be comfortable and eat dinner. Perhaps you have a shawl you could wear with #1 in case it is chilly.

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