Gotcha! Apollo

Yes, it was two years ago today that we were driving home from our vacation with a little extra baggage in the back seat:

"who are you people and where are you taking me?"

Such a timid boy.  We had a great holiday out on Pacific Rim, Vancouver, Kelowna, then stopped in Edmonton on our way home and picked him up.

we had them muzzled just in case anyone had an attitude

That was a crowded back seat – we also had two dog beds in there from Costco.

While I was looking for “gotcha day” photos, in the same folder were our trip photos:

@ Pacific Sands Resort, this was on our door step

I miss going there so much.  We didn’t go last year because we had just bought our house; this year our plans were to make it to Vancouver for Ande’s party, but not go to the island.  Next year we must definitely go.  I miss sitting in front of our fire place and listening to the wind; opening the door or window and hearing the pounding of the surf; walking for kms on Long Beach and all around.  I’ll have to start stashing away my wage that isn’t taken by the car payment and grown a “vacation fund”.


4 thoughts on “Gotcha! Apollo”

  1. I just love that old fence looking out to the sea. There is nothing as relaxing as the sound of waves crashing onto a beach. (big sigh) but maybe the sounds of possums and devils will be a close second.

  2. Beautiful indeed. We haven`t been to our favourite holiday place since we’ve bought the house (but it’s worth it and I’ve really wanted to spend my free time at home – though I miss the sea and the coast).
    Isn’t it SO exciting to bring home a new doggie???

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