Typical October 31st

in Saskatchewan.  It’s snowing and there’s measurable wind chill (-10°C).

This entry is brought to you by:

Mr. Handsome

So I was able to get a couple of projects finished and off my plate:

the cloche

Rav members can go here to read all about it and see more pics.

And then I did these slippers:

I rounded the still-wet toes after I took that photo.

Rav members can read more and see more pics here. Cute project and interesting construction.

Gratuitous hound pics:

Sabrina burrito, unrolled

Often when she’s on the bed with me, she’s digging around and nesting because she’s cold.  I’ll put up with it for only so long before I wrap her up like a burrito with a fleece blanket.  After a short while, she’s tossed the fleece off and is airing her belly because she’s like a little furnace.

How YOU doin'? Come here often? What's your sign?

Mr. Handsome lets his charisma ooze out.  But then there’s Princess Sabrina, always cramping his style:

typical Jealous Cow behavior - oh, you're paying attention to him, I must try to block you

women! I tell ya!

And now the latest in the “don’t hate me because I’m beautiful” contest:

don't be jealous


Edited to add:  I’ll be wearing the wrap dress and bolero for the ball.  Unfortunately the ball has been postponed a week, now it will be on November 14th.

Edited (again) to add this.  If dogs came trick or treating, then I’d answer my door:


7 thoughts on “Typical October 31st”

  1. Lovely hat and cute slippers. I saw that pattern on the net and downloaded it. Then realized that the ‘put together’ would do me in, so have never made them.
    PS – Your dad and my son share the same birthday.

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