We had 46 kids for trick or treating last night.  Well, there were 46 bags of chips taken.  I put the box on the step and had a nice sign saying “help yourself; one per kid, please”.  Last year we had 40, I think.

Found this cute vid on YouTube.  I’m always finding cute dog ones, but this cat one is cute, too:

That kitteh has attitude!


5 thoughts on “46”

  1. Haven’t checked out the cat vid, but wouldn’t it be fun to set up a cctv over the halloween treats and see what actually happens? Are the kids as honest as we’d like them to be, or are there some that take all that’s in the bowl, or something in between?

    Ear rubs to the poochies. I miss mine (poochie, that is not ear rubs!).

  2. I had 37 kids in total. Started coming around 4:30pm and were done before 8:00pm. I made 60 bags plus 5 special bags for neighbor kids we know well. How many chips were in the box to begin with?

  3. Halloween is not such a big thing n the UK, I only had 4 groups of children come round but two groups did ask where my dog (a beautiful lurcher) was (down the pub with my husband).

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