bigger really IS better

I was curious last night about the differences between my three cameras.  I decided to stage a comparative photo shoot.  I commandeered the chicken and set it up comfortably.  The cameras were all set on “auto” and only the DSLR fired the flash.

The 7 megapixel ultra compact:

Canon PowerShot A560

then 6 megapixel (bulkier but still smaller than the DSLR):

Canon PowerShot S3is

and the 12 megapixel:

Canon Rebel XSi

The Rebel has deeper colours and saturation, but whether it’s because it’s a DSLR or because it’s 12 MP, I’m not sure.  Interesting!

I’ve restarted the Ishbel (yet again) and it’s going well.  I researched the different methods of doing YOs between knit and purl stitches and found a way that makes them symmetrical.  I am probably at the point where I ripped it out the last time.  I may complete the stocking stitch section then set it aside and finish a pair of socks before I embark on the lace sections.

Been working the past few afternoons and have some more lined up for today, but it’s all web editing, so it’s fun.

I made the swiss steak recipe last night and it was superb. I used outside round steak and sliced it in half depthwise, pounded it out as the recipe instructs. I did it this time in the oven (I’ve done it stove-top, in the crock pot and once before in the oven) and used 1 cup of red wine in the sauce. I also thickened the sauce before I poured it in the baking dish and I cooked it covered. The sauce was lumpy when I put it in the baking dish and I worried about that, but after 2 hours in a 350° oven, it came out silky smooth and delicious. As much as the big fella moans about cheap cuts of meat, I made a big show of using only my fork to cut a piece off, it was that tender. Yum!


5 thoughts on “bigger really IS better”

  1. Cool, I’m doing it in a dutch oven at the moment, thanks for the recipe link, it smells great! I love how simple it is–but I’m never pounding the powder into meat again without putting them all into a baggie first, holy cow. I completely forgot. 🙂

    1. yeah, I had that same epiphany, too late to save my brown pants. I’ll have to put a note on the recipe to remind myself next time to dredge in a zippy bag first, then pound.

  2. I love both my cameras for their different features. Had the bigger one and liked it but wouldn’t have taken it on an ordinary every day dog walk what I do with the little one.

    Will try the swiss steak in the crock pot as this is a new toy to me and I want to try out many many different recipes.

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