greyhound helps with home management

There’s a headline you likely won’t see.

I make our bed every morning.  Sometimes it lasts more than five minutes before this:

"ahh, the blankets are JUST right now"

Sabrina is a champion nester.  It’s like she can’t stand to see the sheets and blankets all smooth and tidy.  She actually fell off the bed once in a fit of nesting.  Then gave me a dirty look like it was my fault.

as long as YOU'RE comfortable

I’ve been working on the blue Fortissima socks.  I have sock 1 at the beginning-heel-flap point and am working on getting sock 2 to that point.  I’ll finish these before I continue on the lace pattern for the Ishbel.

Right now it’s +13°C and the streets and sidewalks are a sloppy mess.  I hope it doesn’t freeze before it all dries up/melts.  Forecast says it’s above freezing for the next few days.  Continuing with our very weird weather this year.

the perpetually happy octopus & Apollo

6 thoughts on “greyhound helps with home management”

  1. hahahah – I’ve lost count of how many sheets I’ve lost (slashed by greyhound talon-like nails!) due to Connors’ nesting…gotta love ’em though!

  2. Ah, the “why would you let that happen!?!” look. I know it well. She’s really trying to help though–we got an organic wool bed and part of the instructions is that after you get up in the morning, you should actually pull down the covers so the bed can breathe out an the moisture from your bodies under the warm sheets and it can evaporate instead of possibly mildew. I don’t see why that wouldn’t go for a “normal” bed as well, so I’ll bet Dr. Sabrina is just looking out for your health. 😉

  3. It’s funny how they curl up so small. A while back I bought a small cat bed. My greyhound Nellie does have her own but she will pull that out from under a table upstairs and put it in the hallway and lay in it! Mine hasn’t jumped on my bed yet. It might be too high. Do yours sleep on the bed at night with you?

  4. My lurcher Tigger manages to get on my bed which is very high, 30 inches off the ground but he only sleeps with us when he is cold or nervous, like Friday night when there were fireworks going off.

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