greyhounds R goofy

pretzel hound









The poopers are really digging the new bed/lounging arrangement in the living room.

the ever-present octopus


mug shot


so handsome

I managed to finish those Fortissima socks:

Fortissima #2417

More info on my Rav project page.

nice colour variegations

I decided to start a little Bow Knot Scarf. I dug around in my den and found some Cascade Quattro in a turquoise tweed. I started it last night but haven’t gotten very far.  I also need to cast on my next pair of socks.  Gotta have lots of knitting for the next few days.


4 thoughts on “greyhounds R goofy”

  1. excellent photos. love the cockroaching. surely that must feel great, but i would be so worried that i’d die in that position and CSI would be clicking away.

  2. Your hounds are SO cute and you just know how to take their pics! They really seem to love their new beds.
    I love those colour variegations of Fortissima yarn.

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