Bow Knot Scarfie

I started this little scarf last night.  I had to undo a little bit and redo because I wasn’t paying attention, but I think a person could knit this in one night’s tv watching.  The center part I knit about 12.5 to 13 inches.  The yarn I used was Cascade 220 Quattro, a nice soft Peruvian wool in colour #5018.  I have enough yarn left that I could do a matching hat (but I also have a second ball of the yarn).

Bow Knot Scarf

Very cute and depending on what yarn you use, it could be very sophisticated, too.

me and my sophisticated wardrobe

Last week I got a cute “pea jacket” on sale.  It’s very like this one except it’s chocolate brown. If I don’t fasten the top button, it’s open quite a bit, so this little scarfie will fill in the gap.


3 thoughts on “Bow Knot Scarfie”

  1. I love the scarf. I am going to be knitting beanie hats for some little girls up the road, who love my dog, if I have enough yarn left I shall knit them this scarf too.

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