Sabrina and Apollo are adaptable to their environment.  They can relax anywhere!

comfy anywhere

The other view:

as always "as long as you're comfortable Sabrina & Apollo"

The big fella’s mother’s funeral was Friday.  We have been spending time with his family and visiting.

Sabrina & Apollo met their cousin, Maggie

Maggie is very enthusiastic about meeting her long-legged cousins.  After a while Sabrina had to give her a snarly smackdown and retreated to the couch.  But I’m happy that Sabrina didn’t feel it necessary to chase or gnaw on her.  Apollo, as usual, couldn’t give a rat’s ass.

do you think they're related?

I think she was trying to telepathically impart to me the realization that it was past supper time:

"you must feed me ... NOW"

We took some time out this aft to attend a meet & greet for our greyhound group.  There were six dogs there.  Just at the end, this gorgeous boy came in with his peeps to get some food.  Well, a LOT of food:

what a handsome boy!

This is a four year old Great Dane.  Isn’t he gorgeous?  Monica, pay attention:  this is how big they get.  The man feeding him the treat is about the same height as the big fella.  Big puppy!

I’ve started some black socks (am I insane?) and have been able to put a few rounds on them the past day or two.  I’m hoping to pop into a yarn store tomorrow afternoon to see what will tempt me.  But now, I think I need a little bit of chocolate and icy cold milk.


3 thoughts on “adaptable”

  1. It was great to run into you today! Those balls of sock yarn will make nifty socks; will you post a picture? Someday I’ll knit more socks. After the renos, I think. 🙂

  2. I love how the Dane’s feet are sliding sideways.

    I also love Sabrina’s alien eyes and Apollo’s white stripe. I never noticed that stripe before.

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