more family pics

We’re still dealing with estate business and visiting the big fella’s sons and nephew.

big fella and his two sons

The poopers have been very patient – just snuggled up in the back seat and waiting while we ran errands, etc.

the princess

Apollo & Sabrina

We went out for supper last night to celebrate Mark’s 30th birthday and as a sort of farewell supper, as well.  The boys fly back to their respective homes today.

all of us

We went to the Pagolac:

I love this sign!

The Royea males have a hearty appetite:

a combo platter and beef satay soup


another combo and soup

The big fella ignored all our advice and bit into one of the very hot Vietnemese peppers that came with the soup:

cough ... wheeze ...


all done!


final farewells

Graham was off to work his night shift, Mark had an early flight in the morning and Ken was leaving at noon.

I managed to hit up a yarn store on Sunday; more on that later!


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