why we need a king-size bed

one (maybe two?) person(s), one dog


one person, two dogs

Those hotel beds are queens; ours at home is a double.  No room for the big fella and me and the two dogs.  There’s a little bit of musical beds going on there.  Apollo loves it when we stay at a hotel because then he gets to sleep with me!  At home he spreads out on the spare bed and loves it.

no, no - don't worry, I'm completely comfortable ... sigh.


whuzzat? is it supper time yet? No? I'm going back to sleep.


Sabrina displays her natural beauty once again.

As I mentioned earlier, I did hit up a yarn store on Sunday after brunch:

nice little bag o' wool to bring home

I checked out River City Yarns and wow, what a great store!They have a lot of stuff crammed in there, but it didn’t feel disorganized (hello, my so-called LYS) or cramped.  It was lovely.  A nice lady greeted me at the door – she was waiting for the mitten class to start.  Another girl was working  the till, etc. and I overheard her say she was checking something on Ravelry, so clearly this is a store that’s in the know.  I milled around for a nice long time.  In addition to the wool above, I also got two sets of new rosewood sock dps, some sewing needles, a little needle gauge because I keep losing my other (two, three?).  I also picked up the IK Accessory magazine which in retrospect is a bit of a rip because many of them are free patterns.  Oh well, it’s nice to have them all together in a magazine, I guess.

So the goodies above are (l to r, top to bottom):  2 hanks of Cascade 220 Heathers in 4011 Sparrow and 4 hanks in 9459 Yakima.  I’m not sure what I’m doing with those yet – maybe a s/s sweater?  Two hanks of Mirasol Miski (baby llama) #112 which is very, very soft.  I might make a Double Wrap Cowl if I have enough.  The rusty orange yarn is Araucania Ranco, #487 iron.  No idea what I’ll do with it.  Then next row is all sock yarn:  three balls of fantastic Zauberball 1508, 1702, 1564. They’ll make awesome socks!  The rest is Lana Grossa Meilenweit (1606 & 5208), Trekking Maxima 904 and Noro Kureyon Sock S236.  Hmm, I keep buying Kureyon and Silk Garden sock but have yet to do anything with it.  Must do something!

Yummy yarn.  I want to push ahead on these accursed black socks (made pleasant by the lovely, warm and elegant rosewood dps) so I can get my hands into some colourful yarn.

Some sad news from the left coast: Ande had to send the Monk to the rainbow bridge:

Thelonious Monk, he had cattitude

Sabrina had mixed feelings about the news.  While she is sad for Auntie Ande and Uncle Jim and her cousins Sarah, Ella and Buddy, she remembers too well ending up like this:

damn it!

after taking a snap at Monk after being tormented past bearing.  That cat, he’d sashay around and make a pest of himself until Sabrina flipped out.  Heh.  Then there was the time he ate my Malabrigo …

Big ol’ kitteh full of attitude and personality.  He will be sorely missed by all who knew him.

We had Apollo in to see the vet today for his shoulder.  It appears to be what we suspected, arthritis, which we’ll treat with a long course of mobicox/meloxicam anti-inflams and see if it improves.  He had this about the same time last year (maybe because of the damp weather?) and it cleared up once it got drier.  If it doesn’t improve, we’ll get a referral to the vet school/clinic at U Sask for further investigation.  Vet was quite confident it wasn’t osteosarcoma.  That was  a relief.  Just creaky old bones on an ol’ dog.  (He’ll be 9 in a couple of weeks.)

And we got back home Wednesday night after a draining and exhausting week away (me a week, the big fella 10 days) dealing with his mother’s passing and funeral and estate business.  We were sooooo glad to get back to our little house.  The first night I slept like a log.  I had a ton of laundry to do and other chores but am pretty much caught up.  Except the dusting.  Maybe tomorrow.

While we were away, I blew off my Couch to 5 K workouts (the hotel did have a nice dreadmill, but I didn’t have the energy/time to use it).  Today I got back on and had a good workout.  Hopefully I’m back at it now.

Oh, I also unearthed my long-unused HP iPaq handheld; if you have any favourite PocketPC/WinMobile 5 software, leave me a note in the comments, hmm?


12 thoughts on “why we need a king-size bed”

  1. I’m sorry to hear about Monk.

    The picture of Apollo with his head on the night table reminds me of Strider (sniff). His futon was at about the same height as the shelf under our night table and he used to do the same thing: body on the futon, head on the shelf. I guess they must like to keep their heads cool.

  2. Trust me, even when you have little dogs, they STILL try to take up the whole bed.

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE Sabrina’s collar- any idea what the symbols say? Where did you get it?

  3. How cute are your poopers? We have a queen and it’s just big enough for 2 people and a large dog as long as one person sleeps in a pretzel position. This las Sunday all of us were in there. Ella, Sarah, Jim, me, Buddy and Monk. Very cramped but a nice way to spend some family time.

  4. I’ve always thought Apollo is younger than Tara, and she’s 6… :-0 He looks so young!

    We play a game of “fold a greyhound” every single night. Tara sleeps between us, her head under my blanket. Sometimes it’s annoying, but wintertime there is nothing better than a warm skinny hound on a cold morning!

    1. Yeah, he’s going to be nine on Dec 8th. He sure doesn’t act it. He is quite accommodating for space on the bed, not like Sabrina who hogs it all!

  5. I can’t resist asking about the caption on your first photo – ‘one (maybe two?)
    person(s)’. I see you. Where’s the other ‘maybe’ one?

  6. RCY is my favourite store in Edmonton, followed a close second by Pam’s Wooly Shop in Stony Plain, simply because of the drive. Ewe is also good, but a little less convenient from home, as is the new one, Urban Knitters. I’ve only been to the other two once a piece, and wasn’t terribly impressed with either for various reasons. But I suppose we are lucky to have such a great selection of LYSs in one city!

    1. I was very pleased with RCY! And bonus to meet up with you and Mike there. Did you ever find that yarn you needed? Next time I’m in Edmtn I’ll have to check out Pam’s.

  7. Sorry to hear about Monk. It’s always so sad. We miss them forever.

    I’m also sorry that Sabrina can’t just leave the mobile home and sever connections to the office when you travel. Really. Sleeping on it? Intervention.

  8. Greetings from Finland!
    Sorry to read about Apollo’s arthritis. My dog Aida has the same problem in her right shoulder due to a growth disorder. She is only about 3 years old (rescue dog). She has just been thoroughly inspected by a vet and we decided to go with 4 injections once a week into her shoulder joint. The product is called Hyalgan (sodium hyaluronate) and it’s worked very well for her. It’s made her joint fluid better in viscosity and helped with the inflammation. No pain now and relaxed movements. Also she gets supplements like glucosamin and condroitin and right now she doesn’t need any anti-inflammatories.

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