black socks are not photogenic

so I have nothing to show you.  I’m making another pair of Flocks™ in black Knit Picks Stroll sock yarn.  Black socks.  Size 14 wide.  Yes, I believe I am insane.  I’m almost to the beginning point of the heel flaps on both of them.

The other day I made this:


It’s Smitten Kitchen’s Mushroom Bourguignon. I’ve made this before and it was yummy, but this one in particular was delicious.  I always make too many noodles, though.  I used a mixture of portobello, cremini and a few white mushrooms.  I probably wouldn’t use the portobello again.  Either that or else I’d have to chop them much smaller because they were a bit rubbery in this, where the sliced cremini were perfect.

I couldn’t find any pearl onions, so I used shallots cut in half and I put them in for 10 minutes instead of the 5 that the recipe directs.  I used an Australian sheraz for the red wine.  The wine/beef broth sauce is really rich and flavourful.  The poopers got a little extra drizzled on their kibble and they were over the moon!

alert the authorities!

Oh noes!  Call doggy social services.  Look at how mistreated that hound is – having to lay on the top-most bare bed!  (I should say “top-most of three beds”.)  No cushy cover on it.  But pull back a little:

the rest of the story

There’s the pile of extra blankets and bed-covers still warm from the dryer.  Poor neglected little hounds.

he's REALLY uncomfortable, I can just tell

Monday and the big fella is back to work after his compassionate leave.  I’ve got some prep work to do for a meeting on Friday, but I still think I’ll have time to get those black Flocks™ through the heel flaps today.

mommy, my tongue is stuck to the carpet ...

4 thoughts on “black socks are not photogenic”

  1. Your dogs are so loved! Ahem, I think they know it too. 🙂

    I, too, have to knit for big feet (mine-hee!). But it takes me *forever*. I’m impressed with your knitting prowess!

  2. That’s some serious dog abuse there! How dare you let that dog get his tongue stuck on the carpet! Don’t you know he should be wrapped in bubblewrap, 3 layers, at all times?! LOL
    And Flocks? Flocks?! Someone will be thrilled but sorry he made you blind!

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