felted slippers overview

I’d made those felted slippers for my dad’s birthday present.  I didn’t want to say much about them on the blog because he reads it (hi, Dad!).  The pattern is here (Rav pattern  link.) Here are the details:

they are the oddest looking things before sewing together

You make garter stitch squares (it looks like a scarf until you go pick up and knit the two side squares) then sew them in such a manner that it forms the slippers!  Here’s an interesting Rav link that shows where each square ends up in the finished slipper. If you wanted to use different colours for the two “flaps” you can. They are squares # 8 and 6, and #2 forms the toe of the slipper.

I used some Patons Classic Wool that I had in the stash and 6 mm needles.  I made the men’s size.  I ran out of black and had to use some of the gold on the second slipper.  Classic Wool felts nicely.

slipper #1

This is a pre-felting photo:

my slipper (women's size 7.5) for scale

I washed them in hot water, regular cycle, along with an old pair of jeans.  I ran it through once wash/rinse cycle and checked them.  They were pretty big, so I started the washer over again and did a second wash/rinse and checked them again.  They weren’t as small as I wanted, but I thought if I did another cycle they’d fit me instead of my dad.  So I let it spin out, then I shaped them a little and air-dried them.

while drying

After that photo, I noticed the toes were pointy, so I smooshed and rounded them and they dried nicely shaped.

the bottom of the slipper

They turned out great!  They were still a little big for my dad, but I would definitely make them again.  The pattern has three sizes.  You could also just knit a non-felted version using the same construction techniques for something different.

And in the “holy crap!” vid department:

Wow!  There’s several videos and photos on flickr of this.  It’s a beach in St. Maarten where the flight path goes directly overhead and drops low to land on the other side of the road.  Here’s a blog I found. As much as the big fella and I love to watch aircraft, this is almost too close!  Crazytown!  ETA: there’s a wiki entry about Maho Beach.

Our weather has turned seasonal here (mid minus teens) but we still have only a slight skiff of snow.  You can still see the grass.  Um, some more snow would be appreciated!


3 thoughts on “felted slippers overview”

  1. A few years ago, we were on a cruise and St. Martens was one of the stops. After dinner, in the dark, I was on deck overlooking the shore with all the lights of the town. All of a sudden, a jet plane came from the water side, behind me, over my head to land. It was so close I almost had a heart attack. The noise was unbelievable. I have always thought that the plane must have been making an emergency landing. Now I know it was routine. Unbelievable.

  2. So, you are the person responsible for the “more than a skiff” of snow we had last night!!!! dang you. My wish was for a brown Christmas and winter. All my hopes have been dashed.

    1. oh, boo hoo. You live in Saskatchewan – what did you expect? And don’t come crying to me when we get windchill of -47 and a half. ;^)

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