so close

I’m soooo close to being finished those black Flocks™!  I meant to sit down all day and finish them, but I never got around to it.  Then tonight I decided I’d do it once I did a little work.  Only an hour of work.  Well.  That ended up being three hours.  Maybe after I’m done this post.

tidy up!

Behind my knittin’ chair in the living room, I had a storage ottoman, my camera, my laptop and a couple of knitting tote bags tucked back there.  I got this cute wicker drawer cabinet on Saturday and assembled it and everything that was laying around there is stored nice and neat!

awash in sunlight

Weather has turned damn cold.  Windchill was -34°C this morning/noon.  The poopers are NOT amused.  Not only are there no walks, it’s very cold to dash out into the back yard to take care of business.  We’re lucky we got into December before we had brutal weather.

Because these dogs aren’t spoiled enough, we give them a handful of roast chicken meat on top of their kibble each night.  I’m happy to buy dizzy (rotisserie) chickens, but OH NO – the big fella insists that they should get chicken that he has personally roasted and stripped from the bone.  So every couple of weeks we buy a 3-pack of roaster/fryers and cook them up.

"need any help, Daddy?!"

You can’t see it in the photo, but Apollo was sprawled out just to the left of the picture.  He’s helpful, too.

If you know greyhounds,

you know Apollo's sailing in dangerous waters here.

He’s in the direct line of gaseous fire.


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