happy birthday, big boy!

No birthday cake, but meatloaf for his supper tonight:

"I'm too sexy for this hat"

Kid’s Apollo is 9 years old today.  He acts as young and goofy as a pup!  Because it’s -30°C today, instead of the traditional pirate birthday hat, he’s sporting something with a bit more warmth.  I’ve noticed with either a) the colder thus drier/less damp temps; and b) the continued course of Mobicox anti-inflammatories, his sore shoulder and limp seem to have improved.  Yay!


6 thoughts on “happy birthday, big boy!”

  1. Happy birthday Apollo.
    It was Tigger’s gotcha day on Sunday and he had trout fillet and cabbage (his favourite vegetable) to celebrate. My neice says that she doesn’t even get trout for her tea ;o)

  2. I am late but I hope you had a WONDERFUL birthday, Apollo! You are lookin’ good, sportin’ that toque! Many happy returns of the day from The Tuppinz Farm Zoo!

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